Voices from the Sea: Managing New Zealand's fisheries

Voices from the Sea: Managing New Zealand's fisheries

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By Raewyn Peart

The report probes the underlying constructs behind the QMS and the manner in which they have played out within the New Zealand context. It scrutinises the operation of the fisheries management system within the broader marine environment. Overall, it evaluates the extent to which current approaches are sufficient to support thriving fisheries and communities, supported by healthy marine ecosystems, for the benefit of current and future generations. The report concludes that, although there is considerable support for the quota management system, there are serious issues with the way fisheries management is currently undertaken that need urgent attention.

The purpose of the report is to inform and contribute to debate about the future of New Zealand’s fisheries management system. It has been written with a broad audience in mind, ranging from those who have an interest in the health of New Zealand’s marine environment but know little about fisheries management, to those who are or have been directly involved with the system. To improve accessibility, key points have been illustrated with local and international case studies, direct quotes and other illustrative material. The report includes recommendations for the way forward and practical ways to begin implementing ecosystem-based management approaches.

You can also download a pdf version here.